CTD thermocline and DCL automated detector

This folder creates a tool to analyze CTD (conductivity, Temperature, and depth) profilers, specifically for SeaBird CTD profilers.

It can:

Web App Snapshot

To Install: Installl anaconda and bokeh

To use:

from seabird.seabird_class import seabird
import json
import matplotlib.pyplot as plt

mySeabird = seabird(config = config)  # config is in json format
filename = "sample.cnv"
mySeabird.loadData(dataFile = filename)  # filename is the cnv file, taking data from database is optional, see the source code
features = mySeabird.features  # features are in dictionary format.

print features

The output features are:

DCL features:

Lake Stratification features

To plot:

mySeabird.plot_all(interestVarList=["Temperature","DO","Specific_Conductivity","Fluorescence","Par"]) # plot the water quality from raw data
mySeabird.plot() # plot the detected depth

File structure:

	--seabird_class.py: seabird class
	-- deepChlLayers.py: DCL class
	-- thermocline.py: thermocline class
	--tools: contain general file parser, database connection
	--models: Piecewise linear segmentation, HMM and threshold methods.